(gotta love when inspiration finds you)

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cheap prices on Misoprostol celestial gallery I think it’s cool that most often, I don’t need to seek out the things to inspire me. It always seems that they just appear. It’s pretty rare that I have lukewarm feelings about something. Either I’m ambivilant about something, or I LOVE it. Hot and cold, black and white. The things I love, I love intensely and passionately.

I was in Hobby Lobby about ten years ago buying art supplies (I’m a big fan of the 40% coupon in the paper when buying those big expensive Prismacolor sets) and I somehow wandered over to the poster section. I’m generally not that excited about that area, as I don’t want the same art in my house that millions of other people do. I don’t need puppies in paint cans, or babies in flowerpots, or a black and white photo of the Eiffel tower in my living room. Nothing against anyone that likes those things, but my personal tastes gravitate a little more toward the exotic, funky, or intriguing.

So I flipped past print after print of Monet’s haystacks, Degas’ ballerinas, and charts of kinds of chili peppers, and suddenly this jumped out at me:

buy prednisone for cats online  I LOVED it.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Eastern art. To me it always feels fresh and interesting, probably because we’re not exposed to it nearly as much as European artists. I especially love the rich colors and exquisite details of Tibetan Art. I looked at the title: “Cosmos of the Enlightened Vision.” It had so much detail that you could practically fall into it and lose yourself forever.

Of course, I bought it. And hung it up. And every time I moved, although some things would fall in and out of the wall art rotation, that one always found a place.

Fast forward to last springs. My boyfriend and I were in a bookstore browsing in the bargain books section. For any artist, this is a GREAT source of cheap reference art. All of a sudden, a book caught my attention. The cover read “The Celestial Gallery” and the art reminded me of my beloved poster. It wasn’t anything I’d ever seen before, but it felt very familiar.

I picked it up. Flipped through the pages. Page after page after page of gorgeous paintings just like “Cosmos of the Enlightened Vision.” Of course, they were all completely different, but every bit as intricate and beautiful and captivating. Then, smack in the center of the book, was “Cosmos of the Enlightened Vision.” That confirmed it. I had to own this book.

The best part was that, being in the bargain book section, this $39.99 book was marked down to $7.99. Even better, they were having at 50% all bargain books sale (I somehow had failed to notice the gigantic signs hanging up all over the section) and when I got to the register it was only $3.99!

I went home that day the happiest girl ever.

Cosmos of the Enlightened Vision