One of my favorite artists you’ve never heard of (because I hadn’t either)

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isotretinoin rx cheap I love school. I especially loved Art History.

unreconcilably Friends and family have called me out for saying this. They point out that from the middle to the end of any given semester, I’m a sleep deprived, caffeine guzzling, short-tempered, bleary eyed, twitching, stressing, crying, whacked out bitch. To this I retort, very matter of factly, that it’s not SCHOOL that’s the problem. It’s the combination of school on top of working full-time, on top of being a mom, on top of the stresses of everyday life. It’s the lack of hours in the day that’s the problem, not school itself. In fact, if school was the only thing I had to worry about, it wouldn’t be stressful at all.

Getting back to my point, I LOVE art, and I’ve actually taken four different Art History classes. All the paper writing we did meant a lot of research into artists, paintings or cultures that I never knew much about before. I wrote about everything from ancient megalithic statues, to the Christian catacombs of Rome, to the graffiti art movement of the 1980’s. My favorite discovery from writing these papers was the artwork of Remedios Varo, a Spanish-Mexican surrealist painter. Most people have never heard of her, although almost everyone has heard of the surrealist Salvador Dali who painted around the same time period. Although I love the weirdness of Dali, I like Varo’s work even better. She blends elements from astronomy, alchemy, geometry, metaphysics, medieval architecture, machinery and music into paintings that are magical, otherworldly, and mystical. Her work is beautiful, solemn, and feels like something from a dream. Within seconds of discovering she existed, she instantly became one of my favorite artists.