Snowmageddon 2011 (stock up on alchohol and wait to die!!!!)

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Here in the Chicago suburbs, (along with pretty much everyone else in the Midwest) we just got NAILED with snow. On the Snow-Wussiness Spectrum, I like to think we fall somewhere between the middle and the end. I realize that there are states where half an inch falls, and the world screeches to a halt. Then there’s the people up north and in the northeast (way more hardcore than us) who have to tunnel through drifts higher than their heads, shovel out their cars, and drive to work in three feet of snow pretty much no matter what. Now, around here we take pride in the fact that we don’t usually wuss out over snow, but we got about twenty (!!!!) inches the other night, and the world pretty much shut down.


We always get so much hype from the weather reports before these (supposedly) big storms. STORM OF THE CENTURY! SNOWPACOLYPSE! SNOWMAGGEDON 2011 (my personal favorite). YOU WILL BE SNOWED IN! YOU’LL BE BURIED ALIVE! YOU WILL DIE!

Then we usually get about three inches, and everyone goes to work and school as usual. L-A-M-E.

So as you can image, most of us were a little cynical about this “Storm of a Lifetime.” The biggest snow since 1965, or 1999….or something. I can’t remember. Nonetheless, I was grateful that we got out of work at 2pm when the official blizzard warning took effect around 3:30pm. I didn’t want to be on the road when that nonsense kicked in…just in case.

It starts snowing slightly before they let us out of work. I get home in two hours…from what’s supposed to be a 45 minute drive. We’re already stocked with snacks, beer and dinner. That’s love. By 6pm the snow is coming down thicker, but it’s still no “Storm of the Century” We scoff at the dusting on the sidewalk, (which we can still see) and go back to the TV.

A few hours later we hear shrieking outside….thunder, lightening, ice pellets hitting the roof, lights flickering in and out, the sound of what might be parts of the building flying off. Is this really happening? We look at each other and finally admit…this storm is SO COOL!!!

A couple beers, some s’mores in the fireplace, and some tv shows later, we go to bed. I wake up to a text at 7am…now it’s OFFICIALLY a snow day

It’s not often that everything completely just shuts down. It’s nice. I’ll admit, I was almost giddy with joy. Adults really should get snow days more often. I’m willing to bet we appreciate them much more than the kids do. And it’s nice to be reminded that, no matter how jaded you may be, sometimes cool stuff actually does happen.