a little of this, a little of that (my newfound love of the gallery wall)

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http://civilwarbummer.com/lincolns-beautiful-sculptor-or-enchanting-washington-nymph/ Like a lot of other self proclaimed creative people, I have pretty eclectic taste. I think that you almost have to. After all, what kind of inspiration can you draw if everything surrounding you is the same? And also like a lot of artsy people, I collect stuff. I like images. I like offbeat objects. I like being surrounded by interesting things that I can look at. It sounds weird, but the first thing I do after moving to a new place (after putting the furniture into place) is hanging all of my paintings, photos, and other assorted wall stuff. To me, a house doesn’t feel like a home until those things are properly in place. If there’s one thing that grates on my psyche it’s echo-y blank white walls. (I get chills just thinking about it).

There's so much here, but it's still a nice clean look. http://ourhumbleabowed.wordpress.com/2011/04/12/birds-and-a-feather/

Misoprostol ordering That adds up to a LOT of stuff to hang up. Stuff that doesn’t necessarily go together. I’ve never been a fan of houses that were too matchy-matchy. I once knew someone who lived in a house where EVERYTHING had a matching pattern, from the wallpaper border, to the plates, to the rugs, to the drinking glasses. It was unreal. It would drive me crazy living there. I kind of dig the chaos and energy that a variety of looks and styles creates. After we moved into our new place and hung up tons of drawings and paintings and photos, somehow there was a lot of stuff left over. There’s a huge empty wall in the dining room that still doesn’t have anything on it, and I kept looking at it trying to figure out where all the remaining wall paraphernalia was going to go. The I stumbled on this picture, and got inspired.

I love all the colors and textures here. Most of the frames and mats are either robin's egg blue, pink, or black, which is what gives unity to the collection. http://inspirationfordecor.wordpress.com/2011/03/01/how-to-hang-a-gallery-wall/

I love it. I love how everything, yet nothing goes together, and it makes one nice focal point. I have tons of small to medium things that still need hung, and the huge space on my dining room wall is the perfect place to do it.

I also like this idea below. Having the same color frame really pulls everything together if you were looking for a slightly less funky look.

Notice the straight horizontal line that goes across the middle? http://www.thenester.com/2011/02/gallery-walls.html

The other thing I love about this look is that you can easily add to it without completely throwing the whole room out of whack. You know how sometimes, after pictures are hung “just so”, you can’t add anything new without throwing off the balance of the entire room? And then you have to swap pictures out, and make the tough choice of what’s coming down? This seems like a nice workaround.

I’m no interior decorator, and I’ll never pretend to be one. But when you have two artists living under one roof, it’s always nice to collect ideas on how to display everything. Just thought I’d share.


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment. I love decorating in this way, but have found the look was getting a little ‘tired’…but not any more! Thanks for the inspiration, I adore the funky ‘nothing, yet everything goes together’ look. I think though, the matching frames, separated by the horizontal line, with a patterned loveseat would be more my style. I am so excited to switch up my current decor now!