CSS makes my brain melt (adventures in moving my blog)

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http://essexprintstudio.co.uk/tag/kids-summer-art-classes/ Well, I decided to take the plunge and move my portfolio site from wordpress.com to wordpress.org. For one thing, I wanted to be able to edit the css of my blog, and I didn’t really want to pay $15 a year for the ability to do it. You also can’t sell things on wordpress.com, and the goal of this is to have artwork displayed and eventually available for sale. I figured that since I already have a domain name AND hosting space from when I created my portfolio site for my Web Design 2 class last spring, I might as well just move it over. Plus, even though I loved the look of my old portfolio site, it was created in Flash, which is supposedly not as searchable, and not viewable on ipads or a lot of smartphones. I struggled a lot with that site (i.e. several nights in a row with less than two hours of sleep, multiple times bursting into tears, and a teacher who couldn’t offer any help because “I know CS3, not CS4”) so I was a little sad to see all that work go. I still have all the files on my computer, so I could always put it back up, but for me to do any revisions on it I would have to go back into Flash, and that’s a nightmare I’ll choose NOT to relive.

buy gabapentin 300mg So that’s that.

I didn’t know this, but apparently the themes available on wordpress.com are NOT the same themes on wordpress.org. I should have done a bit more research, since I was more than a little surprised when I opened my site after transferring everything and found that all the tweaks I had made to the old blog were gone, and I was dealing with an entirely new theme without my fonts, carefully placed images, etc etc. So it was back to the drawing board with all that. I have spent QUITE a bit of time over the last week trying to edit and customize my site. The thing is, I know just enough CSS to get really, really frustrated with myself. I’ve been poring over line after line of code making small changes, checking to see what happens, and then going on to the next thing. Actually, I’ve probably learned more through all this intensive code-tweaking than I did in an entire semester of Web 2. (I’m actually thinking of re-taking it with a different teacher in the hopes I actually learn more the second time around. Would that be crazy?)

I think I’m liking the new look. I still have to re-edit some of the picture posts that were originally formatted to look good on the black background from the old blog, but it’s getting there. It’s probably going to be a work in progress for some time. Once my site is in order I can go back to making artwork again and getting it posted on here. After all, my heart lies in art, not web-design.  😉

Anyways…hope you like it. Enjoy!