escher gone wild

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Ramallah I LOVE M.C. Escher drawings. Sure, there are ones I get sick of seeing because they’re everywhere (Hand With a Reflecting Sphere and Drawing Hands, for example) but there’s a reason that you see his work in so many places. It’s amazingly creative and intricate and takes an amazing amount of planning and thought. I have three of four books of his drawings, and I can literally spend HOURS dissecting them in my head, amazed over how he figured it all out.

purchase neurontin online So, I was pretty excited when I found this really cool animated short by Guilherme Maueler. I can’t even image how much time went into creating this. The rest of his website is very cool as well. I’m all about discovering new artists lately. They tell authors, if you want to write well, read as much as you possibly can. I’m sure the same goes for art.

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Tesselation from Guilherme Maueler on Vimeo.