organization for the unorganizable

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Galesburg I love lists. Seriously. I’m a such a nerd for them. I think it’s because at any given time, there’s way more churning around in my head than I can keep track of without them.

I NEED lists. I need them so much that when I read an Artonomy article which mentioned a program/app called Evernote that lets you keep track of all your lists digitally, then sync them on any platform, I had to check it out. It’s very cool, and easy to use. For example, I can create a shopping list on my laptop at work, then sync it to my phone and view it in the store. You can also tag your notes, so that if you want to look up all your dessert recipes, just type “dessert” in the search box, and all the recipes you’ve tagged as such will come up. You can also organize your lists into notebooks by category, for easier searching. I have a notebook of recipes. A notebook of bills and their due dates. A notebook of shopping lists. A notebook of to-do lists. A notebook of art project ideas. A notebook for stuff having to do with my website. You get the idea.

One of the best parts is that you can also save pictures. I have a whole other notebook of cool pictures I’ve pulled off the web. Just stuff I like to look at when I’m needing a bit of inspiration. Evernote also has a plugin you can download that lets you highlight whole articles from a website and paste them right into Evernote. This is awesome when you find something interesting on the web but doesn’t necessarily have time to read it right then and there. Plus, it saves the link to the site, for when you want to go back to the source. There are all kids of other cool expanded features on the paid version (you can save any kind of file, for example, and get unlimited storage capacity) but honestly, I’ve been pretty happy with the free version.

Oh….the ridiculous amount of lists I’ve created. It’s almost embarrassing. But I’m one of those people who NEEDS to write things down if I have any hope whatsoever of them being remembered. Post-it weren’t cutting it. Writing on my hand wasn’t cutting it. Even keeping a notebook in my purse wasn’t cutting it. Evernote however, is organizing me immensely. And that ain’t no easy thing.

Just thought I’d share.  What keeps YOU organized and sane?