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Today, just because it’s summer, and sunny, and I’m happy, I’m thinking about things that I really like. The things that brighten my day, and provide inspiration. I always like reading post about things that people like, so I thought I would share.

It’s always good to share the love, right?

Let’s do 101 things. Ready? And here we go….(in no order of importance)

  1. Dogs. Large dogs. Dogs you can wrestle with and tackle. Not so much small yippy dogs that will be smushed if you were to accidentally step on them.
  2. Being barefoot.
  3. Skate shoes. I know this seems contradictory to #2, but if I MUST wear shoes, I want to be comfy. I despise wearing heels.
  4. Stealing the BF’s clothes. Any of them. All of them.
  5. Dark Chocolate.
  6. Freshly fallen snow. I actually LOVE snow. It’s the freezing cold temperatures associated with it I can’t stand.
  7. Fat Tire, Chocolate Stouts, Guinness, and other kinds of delicious yummy beers.
  8. Silver. Or white gold. Not really a fan of gold colored gold. Maybe because I’m super pale (practically translucent), and it really looks better on people that are not.
  9. Tattoos
  10. Driving with the windows down and a hand trailing in the breeze.
  11. Astronomy.
  12. The History Channel. I can be quite the nerd.
  13. Photography. The possibilites are so endless. I want to get really, really good at it.
  14. Prismacolor markers.
  15. My big butcher knife. I am spoiled to the point that I hate cutting and chopping things without it.
  16. The color blue. Electric Blue. It’s energy is compatible with mine in a way I just can’t explain.
  17. Mountains.
  18. Rings. My hands feel naked without them.
  19. Hot, HOT showers. Scalding hot. It’s fantastic.
  20. Punk music.
  21. Spices. I can spend an hour in a spice store…I kid you not. One is opening near my work. I’m screwed.
  22. Reading cookbooks. Cover to cover. Fantasizing about cooking fantastic things without any time or budget restrictions.
  23. Photoshop.
  24. Cinnamon jelly beans. Or Hot Tamales. Or atomic fireballs. They’re all pretty close to being the same candy.
  25. Sushi. With lots of wasabi. I could eat my body weight in sushi if I could afford it.
  26. Nail polish in any color but pink or red. I do have a red that’s so dark it’s almost black, and that’s pretty cool.
  27. Rum. Yummy.
  28. September light. Walk outside on any sunny September day and you’ll see exactly what I mean.
  29. Burt’s Bees chapstick.
  30. Dried pineapple. It’s as good as candy.
  31. Sundresses. I will wear dresses all the time in the summer. Almost never in the winter. (wanna know why? Because when you wear dressed in the summer you can wear open toed shoes)
  32. Big sunglasses.
  33. Eyeliner.
  34. The smell of citrus.
  35. Grocery shopping….I can spend HOURS in the grocery store. It drives other people nuts.
  36. Stained glass. I want to learn how to do it myself and change out all of the windows in my house.
  37. Cooking blogs. Art blogs. Photography blogs. Decorating blogs. Creative blogs of many sorts.
  38. Seeing new places.
  39. Frozen things (popsicles, slurpees, snow cones, smoothies, etc)
  40. Cartoons
  41. Painting. Drawing. Sketching. Any kind of art.
  42. Creating. I am happiest when I’m making something, whether it’s cooking, drawing, decorating a room, etc…
  43. Kaliedeoscopes
  44. Mexican food. Especially enchiladas. And nachos. And burritos. I could eat it every day and not get sick of it.
  45. Avocados
  46. Swimming pools. Being in the water. Any water. As long as it’s not freezing.
  47. Legos.
  48. Brand new paintbrushes.
  49. Seals. I think they’re the cutest things ever.
  50. Wolves.
  51. Peacocks
  52. Being outdoors in nature.
  53. Sleeping in late.
  54. The sky.
  55. The change in seasons…especially how the entire color pallette of the world changes with them.
  56. The word “autumn” as well as the season
  57. 1920’s flapper dresses, and 1920’s hairstyles.
  58. Learning about ancient cultures.
  59. Old but well loved hoodies.
  60. Chicago.
  61. Denver
  62. Eastern Art
  63. Museums
  64. The ocean
  65. Dragonflies
  66. Penguins
  67. Anything with peanut butter and chocolate
  68. Diet Dr Pepper
  69. Surprises
  70. A good Argentian Malbec. I discovered it at the wine shop down the street from my work. Mmmmmm……
  71. Olives.
  72. Coffee. Hot coffee AND iced coffee, depending on my mood.
  73. Pajama pants.
  74. My Mac.
  75. Macaroni and cheese.
  76. Old clocks and pocket watches
  77. Owls
  78. Driving on Lake Shore Drive at night in the summer with the windows down.
  79. Gerbera Daisies
  80. Stargazer Lilies
  81. Forrest Preserves
  82. Candy Stores
  83. Antique Woodcut Illustrations
  84. Seahorses
  85. Cheese (except goat cheese…yuck)
  86. Wrought Iron
  87. Daffodils
  88. Old, gnarled looking trees. I drive by one every day on the way to work. It’s magnificent. I’m obcessed with it.
  89. Blown glass
  90. Thunderstorms.
  91. Bonfires
  92. Travel
  93. Looking out the window of an airplane
  94. Roller Coasters
  95. Boats
  96. Snorkling and Scuba Diving
  97. Chuck Taylors
  98. Watching people make things. Doesn’t matter what. Food, furniture, art, decorating a room. I will immediately get sucked into any tv show where someone is making something. And yes, I just realized this is very similar to #42.
  99. Magnolia Trees
  100. Marshmallows
  101. Fractals