digital sangria

Sumoto Citrus-2I’m still having fun playing with colors. I was thinking about summer (and how sad I am that it’s almost over and I feel like I’ve done nothing but wave hello to it from across the room), and citrus-y flavors, which I LOVE (although I hate actually eating oranges, but I LOVE pulpy orange juice….I know, I’m weird like that), and how my circle patterns already remind me of lemon, orange, and lime slices. I originally titled the file “citrus” but then I started thinking about how all of those fruits are in sangria, and how “digital sangria” is too funny of a title to pass up.

buy gabapentin online canada On a side note, I LOVE sangria, but it’s one of those things I almost never make myself. Red wine sangria is my favorite, but no one I hang out with will drink red wine, so I found a recipe for white wine sangria. I decided to make it one night when friends were coming over, so I made a trip to the grocery store, bought everything I needed (which ended up being rather pricey), spent all this time cutting up lemons, limes and oranges, and what happens? I pour everyone ONE glass, then somehow spilled the entire contents all over the inside of the fridge and kitchen floor when I was pulling it out for refills. It was quite sticky, and sad.

Tongeren So, there you go. My tribute to spilled sangria.