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{warning: shameless self promotion to follow} It’s official! I’m now on RedBubble! What is RedBubble, you ask? It’s a site where artists sell their work, similar to Zazzle, or Imagekind. I’ve been searching for a place to sell my artwork online, and I had signed up for an Etsy account, but I was struggling with the feeling that it didn’t really feel like the right fit. Etsy seems like it’s set up more for crafty people than people making two dimension art. Now, don’t get me wrong. I see that there are TONS of artists and photographers on Etsy, doing a great business. The thing is, when you’re on Etsy, it’s up to YOU to deal with the costs of making and shipping your prints to the customer. Now you’re dealing with not only making your art, but printing, packaging and shipping. While I adore the thought of customers receiving packages from me all beautifully branded in my style, I also have to be realistic and admit that my life is jam-packed as it is, and that’s just one more time committment to take on. Ideally, someday I’d like to craft an existence where art IS my one and only job. When that happens, I’ll have a lot more time to allocate to things like that, and it will be beautiful, and puppies and rainbow and sunbeams and…..

But I digress (what else is new?) RedBubble is a little different from Etsy in that THEY take care of the printing and shipping for you. Where on Etsy you pay twenty (I think?) cents to list each items and then keep all the profits, at RedBubble they give you a base price to cover the cost of printing and materials, then you decide what percentage beyond that you would like to charge. I think they recommend 20%, but it’s honestly up to you. The other cool thing is that your art is available in all kinds of sizes and formats. You can get posters, framed prints, canvas prints, photo prints, t-shirts, greeting cards, etc. Don’t want your artwork appearing on t-shirts? You simply don’t check that box, and customers won’t see it as an option. The only limit is that if you want your work to be available in large formats, you have to make sure that you’re uploading a high enough resolution file. RedBubble does have a sort of “safety feature” to make sure that your art will only be printed in formats that will look good. If you upload a small file (and I mean small by size, not how much memory it uses) it simply won’t allow you to sell in the bigger formats. As an artist, I appreciate that. Who wants someone getting a pixellated, ugly, blown out print of their work? I don’t.

Here’s a preview. And just so you know, you can also get there through the “purchase” links on this side. Cause I’m all about making  life easy. 😉

I want to also mention that I also have a new infatuation with Pinterest. If you don’t know what Pinterest is, if you’re an image collector like I am, you should really check it out. Maybe I’ll write about it in my next post.

Finally, in other news, I got a pretty exciting email the other day. I realize that’s quite cryptic, but details will follow. Just wanted to share my excitement with the world.