mathemagically delicous

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“Mathematics is the language
with which God has written the universe.”
Galileo Galilei

math equation on galaxy backgroundI’m not very good at math. In fact, I’m downright BAD at it.  I can’t wrap my head around numbers to save my life. If you were able to go back and look at my notebooks from all three years of High School math (I refused to take a fourth because it wasn’t required), you would find page upon pages of beautiful elaborate doodling (actually, very similar to the artwork I do now!), and only a few half-hearted attempts at solving the equations, usually abandoned in frustration halfway through. There was also a lot of playing Tetris on my graphing calculator. Honestly, I can’t remember too much about high school math other than the time one of my teachers losing his temper and chucking an eraser directly at some kid’s head. Math hurts my brain. As soon as it’s confronted with numbers my brain immediately zones out and switches over to something else. I cannot focus on it no matter how hard I try. That’s why they invented the calculator friends.

The weird thing about this is that I’m really interested in mathematical concepts. Ideas. The big picture. If you ask me to solve an equation I’ll just stare blankly at you, but if there’s some show on the Science Channel or History Channel about astronomy, theoretical physics, or some other intensely math related subject, I’m all over that. (Yeah, I know. Nerd. But at least I’m a nerd who knows a lot of useless facts). Some of my favorite artists, like Alex Gray, MC Escher, and Remedios Varo definitely have a mathematical bent to their work. People look at my stuff all the time and tell me it reminds them of fractals, or Geometry. It amuses me a little how often they make that connection. If they only knew me, I think to myself.

Anyways, when I was checking out my RedBubble account this morning I came across this article on their blog about The Science And Math Behind Great Art And Design. It talks about the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci sequence, and gives a bunch of interesting links if you want to read about it further. Make sure to watch the video. It’s insanely interesting.