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Lunel Detailed kaleidoscope like drawing using seasonal color pallettesI put this one together pretty fast. Remember when I was talking about picking a color scheme first, and working from there? I thought seasonal color palettes would be a fun one to do. I know that a lot of people think of pastels when they think of spring, but I think that’s kind of misleading. Drive through any forest preserve in the spring. I drive through one every day on the way to work. What do you see growing? Shades of green plants, and TONS of purple flowers. It seems like everything that grows in the spring has a purple-ish hue. At least around here, in the ‘burbs of Chicago.

confessedly The only color scheme that didn’t seem obvious to me was the summer one. I actually had to cheat a little and hop onto the Adobe Kuler site for inspiration. When I did a search on the word “summer” I noticed lots of blues and aquas popping up….swimming pools! Beaches! Yellow sunshine! Works for me…

Vilassar de Mar I think the negative space is sort of cool too. Sometimes I want to cram detail onto every inch of the page, and sometimes it’s easy to forget that what isn’t there can be almost as interesting as what is.