tattoos, tattoos, tattoos for me and you…..

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india cytotec I FINALLY did something that I’ve wanted to do FOREVER. I’ve been thinking about it, I’ve obsessed over it, and consequences be damned, I went and got my half sleeve started!

canadian generic Aurogra no prescription And, truly, WHAT consequences? Other than my mom will be none too happy with me (how funny…I still feel awkward every time my mom finds out I’ve gotten another tattoo). I won’t be able to wear really short sleeves/tank tops to work anymore. So there’s that. But honestly, the AC is cranked so high most of the time that I’m freezing in the office  anyway (I’m kind of a wuss about the cold, and I HATE artificial recirculated air blowing on me). We’re near Chicago, so it’s not like it’s hot ALL year round. Besides, I’ll buy a couple cardigans and a couple three-quarter length baseball T’s to wear under my regular t-shirts and it’ll be fine. I’m a big believer that, as long as you’re not hurting anyone else, your life and your decisions are yours to make. Who CARES?

It’s funny, because my boyfriend is a tattoo artist, but between our work schedules and the kids you wouldn’t BELIEVE how hard it is for me to get tattooed by him. I had to take a vacation day to do it. We got all the outlining done yesterday, and he’s predicting at least a few more  sessions to get it all colored in. It’s going to look AMAZING. I already love it, and I can’t even imagine how great it’s going to look in color. The only problem is that half-finished things drive me crazy, and now I have to manage to squeeze some time out of my crazy schedule to work on it some more.  But it WILL happen soon.

It’s super detailed, so we only had time for the outlining. I was pretty surprised that it was the least painful tattoo I’ve ever sat through. A very pleasant surprise, actually

Why the white rabbit? Obviously I have a love of Alice in Wonderland. I hate when people need to have this big philosophical explanation behind every tattoo, because not everything has to have a deep, profound, symbolic meaning. Sometimes, it’s enough that something is cool, or it just feels right. But the white rabbit…I’ve loved him forever. Everyone is chasing SOMETHING, right? Life is crazy, and weird, and I can’t explain why it resonates with me so much, but it does.

*Yes…there will be a picture. Eventually. Once I take one where my arm doesn’t look all weird. {Stay tuned}