a slice of saturday

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Hornsby shoesslice-of-saturday-3slice-of-saturday-2Some of you who have kids, or maybe pets, or maybe even exceptionally needy significant others, probably understand that some weekends it’s nearly impossible to get anything done. You make all sorts of grandiose creative plans (mine usually involve photography, painting, design work and baking, although not necessarily in that order), stuff you’re doing for YOU, because YOU want to, and then things go horribly awry. Maybe *:

You lose your keys and spend six hours ransacking the house and freaking out, only to find them at the bottom of a toolbox in the closet.
You forget to fasten down the bowl of your Kitchenaid stand mixer and when you turn it on to make your boyfriend’s birthday cupcakes, the centrifugal force sends cupcake goo flying in all directions, including (but not limited to) walls, kitchen cabinets, floor, front of shirt, and the stack of clean dish towels.
You decide to make yourself a cup of Earl Grey Creme tea, and when you pour the hot water from the teapot into your favorite mug, it immediately cracks and leaks all over the kitchen counter…and floor. So you get a new cup….and repeat the whole scenario thirty seconds later. Because you learned nothing. Repeat cleanup. (At least you didn’t destroy THE favorite mug. The gigantic purpleĀ  Nightmare Before Christmas Mug that holds approximately three servings of your favorite beverage. Because you’d be absolutely devastated if THAT happened.)
* These are purely hypothetical scenarios of course. I would never do such things…

You get a series on unfortunate mini catastrophes rolling, and before you know it your weekend is over, and your “me time”?….HA!

I decided to take a slightly different approach this weekend. Because sometimes, you’re just NOT gonna get a nice chunk of time to call your own. Accept it. But you can almost always squeeze out 15 minutes. The question is, what can you do in that precious little snippet of time?

Obviously not bake anything. And probably not much painting. For me, fifteen minutes is just enough time to get all my supplies set up, get started, then get incredibly frustrated when I get called away before I feel like I’ve really begun. If I’ve got a marker drawing in progress I can get a little further, but still not make as much progress as a want.

Photography? You can shoot a LOT of photos in 15 minutes.

I decided it would be fun to grab my camera during naptime and just shoot things around the house for as long as I could. Sure, my house isn’t the most exciting (or organized) place on earth, but it was still kind of fun trying to find interesting little vignettes among the stuff you barely give a second look to every day. Not all of them are works of art, but at least I feel like I accomplished something. Plus it gets me one step closer to my goal of mastering my camera. I bought it with my 2009 tax return money and I’m STILL learning all the settings.

So, without further adieu, here’s a little slice of life on a Saturday morning around here.