missing September skies

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http://yookyoungyong.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://yookyoungyong.com/online-shopping/ sunny-autumn-dayEvery year I fall in love with autumn (I even love the sound of the word) around mid-September. The love affair usually lasts until mid October, when the temperature plummets, the sky turns gray, and days pass without a glimpse of the sun. In September through, you can still walk around in a hoodie without getting cold, the air is crisp, the trees start exploding with color, and autumn feels kind of fresh and magical. I might have mentioned it before, but there’s nothing like the quality of September sunlight. September skies have a color all their own. There’s a deepness and richness to the blue that you just don’t get any other time of year. I wanted to capture that intensity in the colors I chose here.

Louth October has it’s perks too I guess…Halloween and bonfires and apple pie and pots of chilli simmering in the crock pot, to name a few. But still…I’m kind of longing for September. It’s my favorite month. Too bad it only comes around once a year.