so many minis… {another little picture finished}

posted in: fine art, Inspirations, my creations | 0 blue-pictureI have a ridiculous love of the color blue. RI-DIC-U-LOUS. So for this picture I decided to stop experimenting with garish color schemes and actually do something I liked. I started this picture quite a while ago, right around the time I finished this drawing. Somehow when the house got straightened up for company one night,  it got stuck away somewhere and I kind of forgot about it. Out of sight, out of mind, as usual.

order accutane uk Anyway, I rediscovered it yesterday and believe it or not, actually found some time to finish it. See, right after I say that I can never squeeze enough time out of the day to get things done, I actually do, and sound like I spoiled brat. Such is life.

I’m starting to get a nice collection of little 9″ x 9″ drawings. They’re small, and cute, and I think there could be dozens of ways to combine them on a gallery wall. Like on the big empty space directly above my computer, or the huge empty wall in our dining room. Since they’re so small, I think I could mix up all sorts of colors and patterns and still get a nice cohesive look, especially if I give them all white mats and black frames.

* disclaimer: it will probably be months before I actually get this done. But it’s still a cool idea.