stained glass love

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buy prednisone for humans Sometimes I like to take existing artwork and “repackage” it in different colors, just to see what happens. I played with this image a while ago, then when I organized my desktop files I stuck it into a folder and promptly forgot is ever existed. I have a bad habit of saving EVERYTHING onto my desktop, and then only attempting to organize things into the correct folders when screen gets so cluttered that my desktop photo is buried beneath file icons. And I only really care about my desktop photo being visible when I get a cool new picture, like the one I took for this post the other weekend.

Weymouth Anyway, I think the picture above would translate beautifully into a stained glass window. My mom used to do stained glass projects when I was little. I remember going to the glass store with her and looking at the stack upon stacks on rainbow colored sheets. She made some really cool lamps, but I don’t think she has them anymore.  Too bad.

I want to learn that skill so badly, just so I can buy a house and replace all of the regular windows with stained glass windows. Can you imagine how gorgeous everything would look with the colored light streaming in from all directions? There’s a really cute little gallery down the street from my work that offers classes, and I really really REALLY want to sign up some day. In fact, I wanted the classes as a birthday present a while back, but then I got pregnant and the thought of being around sodering irons and lead and other such not-so-good-for-a-developing-baby sort of materials made me uneasy, so I didn’t do it. Now I just can’t fit it into my schedule.

When we first started dating my boyfriend took me to the stained glass museum at Navy Pier and I was in heaven. If you live near Chicago, or visit Chicago, it’s worth checking out. Navy Pier is a total tourist trap, but it’s still fun. I especially love it at night in the summer (but what place isn’t better at night in the summer?)