a wonderful Christmas {and the last of The Box is replaced!}

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Christmas tree with ornamentsHappy fourth day after Christmas!

My Christmas was fantastic! I always have SUCH a good time hanging out with my family for the day. We open gifts with the girls at our house in the morning, then we go over to my parents house to open up more gifts with my parents, my sister and her husband (and their puppy!) and then even more family (my grandma, aunt, and cousins) comes over for dinner (my mom makes the BEST Christmas ham on the Weber grill!) and a grab bag exchange. My boyfriend has turned me into quite a beer geek, and my sister and her husband are too, so it’s become a recent tradition that we each hit up Binny’s a couple of days before Christmas and brings over cool bottles of different crazy beers for everyone to try. Christmas with my family is noisy, and rowdy, and full of food and laughter and always SO much fun.

One funny thing about Christmas this year is that we FINALLY replaced the last of the items from The Box That Vanished. Now, when we moved back in April, there was a box of our stuff that disappeared completely. When I pack I tend to shove stuff in the box until it gets too heavy, then decide I need to fill it up the rest of the way with lighter stuff. Which results in a lot of boxes whose contents don’t make much sense. This particular box had in it our silverware, one set of bathroom towels, my knee-high black boots, my boyfriend’s Toronto Maple Leaves Hockey blanket, and our waffle iron (told you my packing makes no sense). We pretty much had to replace the towels and silverware right away (plasticware and dripping dry get old pretty fast) but we’ve mourned the loss of our other stuff ever since. I can’t tell you how many times I went to go put on those black booths and ransacked the house for an hour, only to remember that they were in The Box That Vanished.

Anyway, for Christmas this year my awesome boyfriend got me new boots, my mom bought him a new blanket, AND she bought us a new waffle iron (hellooooo waffles for dinner last night!). We keep joking that now that we’ve finally replaced everything we’re going to come home one day to find the missing box just sitting in the middle of the living room floor with a spotlight shining down on it.

I was hoping to get some artwork done over the weekend, but that didn’t happen. Truthfully, it was nice to kind of unplug and relax. I haven’t even straightened up from the holidays yet. Our house still looks like a toy factory exploded. Every time I walk in our front door I look at the sink of dirty dishes, gifts that still need put away, and other miscellaneous Christmas clutter, cringe, and flop down on the couch to put if off until later. I guess now that I’m back to “real world” mode I better get to it.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday too!