birds on a lightpost {winter blue}

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buy Pregabalin 75 mg capsule birds on a lightpost

buy antabuse paypal On Friday I woke up and there was snow on the ground. Not a ton of it, but enough to remind you that winter really is coming, and that you’d better brace yourself for three and a half (at least) months of pure suck. Actually, I don’t mind the snow. Sometimes I even love it. When the sky decides to drop fifteen inches, the world shuts down, schools close, and all you have to do is hole up in the house with your family watching cartoons and eating mozzarella sticks…that’s actually pretty fun. Snowmageddon 2011 was a blast, although if we had to go through that mess several times a year I imagine it’d get old REALLY fast.  I’m in the Chicago ‘burbs where it gets as cold as I can handle (but if you don’t like the weather here wait 30 seconds), and I don’t know how all you in Canada/Michigan/North Dakota/New York/Connecticut/Northern Europe/too many other places to name do it. You’re tougher than me, that’s for sure.

where can i buy plan b one step I snapped this picture from my cell phone in the car the other day (before you yell at me, I was at a stoplight). It was about 4pm, just before the sun started to go down. Little birds sitting in a row always get my attention, and this was no exception. You just don’t get that color sky in the summer. Some people don’t understand how Monet could sit in a field and paint the same haystacks over and over, with nothing ever changing but the light and weather. I totally understand his fascination. The sky/atmosphere/light quality/weather is infinitely complex, and always interesting. At least to me.

But as I’ve said before, I can be pretty nerdy like that.  😉