Christkindlemarket {and other winter adventures}

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Night shot of Christmas Market in Daley PlazaThe last few weeks have been crazy-busy! Sometimes it seems like there’s nothing to write, because life is boring (maybe “routine” would be a less depressing word), then there are times like this,when life is so jam-packed that there’s barely time to breathe, let alone get 20 uninterrupted minutes in front of a computer. Oh well, so it goes during the holidays.I’ve been taking a decent amount of vacation days, which combined with the holidays has given me a lot of three/four-day work weeks and long weekends. It’s SOOOOO wonderful having the extra time with my family, but I have a feeling it’s going to make going back to “normal” routine in January pretty brutal.

One thing is for sure, I’ve definitely taken advantage of all the time off. For a person who relishes doing nothing (really, I do) it’s a big deal. It’s also kind of exhausting. It’s the good kind where you’re tired because you’ve been running around having tons of fun, but you’re still psyched when you finally get a do nothing day to hang around the house in pj pants and fuzzy socks, drinking something hot from a mug, maybe doing in a little art, and baking some cookies (it IS Christmas, after all).

So here’s what’s been going on lately: Christkindlmarket Chicago

I took a vacation day and we went down the the Christkindlemarket in Daley Plaza. We go every year and it’s definitely become one of my favorite family traditions. The market is set up like a tiny German village and it has everything; delicious dark German beer, chocolate covered fruit on a stick, big soft pretzels with spicy mustard, intricately carved wooden figurine, shops with delicate glass ornaments, and dozens of other cute little shops and stands. After visiting the market we always hit up Macy’s, the Disney store, the gigantic Blick Art Supplies (my favorite!) and any other stores that catch our eye.

glass owl ornamentbird and chicago flag glass ornaments Shopping and Tattoos

I took another vacation day and we did a TON of Christmas shopping for the kids (yay, toy stores!) and then went up to my boyfriend’s shop to work on my half-sleeve some more. A couple more sessions and we should be done! Stupid me forgot to take a picture right away and now it’s at that gross flaky stage of healing, so I’ll have to wait. Or I might just hold off until it’s completely done and post photos of the whole progression all at once.  All I can say is that it looks awesome, and will look even BETTER when it’s done (and healed)  🙂

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Along with all that other stuff, we went to a first birthday party for my best friend’s son, my office Christmas party (that I was in c0-charge of planning) was last night, made the greatest Christmas cookies ever, put out our decorations, and decorated our Christmas tree. WHEW!