peppermint {getting in the holiday spirit}

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anagrammatically kaleidoscope like shape in Christmas color schemeColor schemes first, compositions afterwards. That’s how it always seems to go.

prednisone for purchase It seems like the older you get, the more Christmas sneaks up on you. Remember being a kid? Each passing day felt like an eternity. An eternity to Winter Break from school. An eternity to Christmas day. An eternity until 6am when you could finally wake your parents up and start ripping into gifts under the tree (that was the rule at our house. I would always wake up somewhere around 4:30am, and I remember staring at the red numbers on my alarm clock waiting for the to change. It was excruciating)

Nowadays it’s a little different. What?!?! It’s Thanksgiving already? What…only twelve more shopping days till Christmas?!?! What…the kids are up already??? But it’s only 6am!?! It’s funny how life changes. I still love Christmas through.

In keeping up with my string of seasonal pieces, I decided a Christmas one would be fun. This one reminds me of those red and green peppermint candies in the crinkly cellophane wrappers. Or candy canes. Take your pick.