Striped Sweater Addiction {I need help}

posted in: just for fun, musings, things I love | 0 I think I have a problem. I have come to the conclusion that I own a RIDICULOUS amount of striped sweaters. I realized this last weekend, as I was putting away laundry. (Occasionally I do this, instead of just letting the clean clothes hang out in the basket until I wear them again). How many, you ask? Fifteen. All in shades of blues, blacks, grays and purples. Talk about stuck in a rut. But I can’t help it. Any time I see a cool colored striped sweater from across the store, I have a crazy magnetic attraction to it. I have to own it.

I thought it would be kind of funny to make a little collage showing them all. Maybe I should cut myself off. No new striped sweaters.

Ha! Like that’s ever going to happen!