inter-web treasures Tuesday

Gwangju Interweb-Treasures-Tuesday-v2I gather links the way some girls collect shoes (me…I wear the same beat up pair of Chucks or Vans pretty much every day – but don’t tell because they could revoke my Girl Card for such transgressions ). This post was actually all set and schedule to go for LAST Tuesday, but WordPress ate it. No joke. I logged in at it was completely gone. Bad, BAD WordPress! Luckily I have a good memory…

Here are some of the most interesting links I’ve gathered over the last few weeks: I used to have a huge obsession with Flipz. Now that they’re practically impossible to find, these white chocolate covered pretzels on Shutterbean might just inspire me to make my own.

When I was a kid having a party at Showbiz Pizza (anyone remember that? Before it became Chuck E Cheese?) was pretty cool. This punk rock themed 6th birthday party blows that out of the water. Coolest mom of the year award goes to Annie, from Paint the Moon…

In our house live a couple of hardcore caffeine addicts. I pretty much told my boyfriend that we simply cannot continue in life without this In Caffeine We Trust poster hanging on our kitchen wall.

As a girl who loves both Salvador Dali and Alice in Wonderland, my head almost exploded when I got a look at these illustrations.

One of my friends from High School started an awesome cooking blog and it makes me drool. Check out her recipe for Pecan Crusted Pork Pinwheels.

I love this blog. She has such an amazing drawing style! It seems like tattoo artists are always so good with watercolors.

Learning the hot keys in Photoshop can be a daunting task. Pugly Pixel comes to the rescue with these great Photoshop shortcut flashcards.

Life as an Artistpreneur had this great post For Everyone Not Yet Doing What They Love a while ago about lighting a fire and getting yourself going on the road to your dreams.