prints for sale and a giveway {my etsy shop is open!}

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buy generic stromectol Well, it took two entire days of being chained to the computer cropping photos and writing product descriptions, but I finally got my Etsy shop up and running last weekend! I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. I use so many bright colors in my work, and it’s fun to see the splashes of color on the page when you look at my prints next to one another.

Kolomyagi In celebration of my shop finally being open, I’m doing a giveaway of any $35 print in my shop. Head on over to Tenpenny Splendid for details, and also for a coupon code that you can use on any order.

Have a great Monday! (Disclaimer: I’m usually nowhere near this cheerful on a Monday morning, but we’re having freakishly warm weather around this parts and I’m loving it! I know I’m supposed to be anti-global warming, and I’m sure I’ll change my tune if Lake Michigan overflows and drowns us all ….but for now, this is nice.)

**Like the fancy-shmancy animated GIF I made? Head on over to Pugly Pixel for the tutorial I used to create it.