Happy Leap Day! {here’s a pretty drawing to look at}

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Cleburne jade-orange-maroon-and-gold buy antabuse online australia Happy Leap Day! It kind of feels like since leap years are so rare (well, not THAT rare, but you know what I mean) that the extra day should spent doing something fun.

http://m-sar.uk/.well-known/dat I got the BF tickets to the Blackhawks game tonight for his birthday a few months ago, so that’s what we’re doing. It was a little limited which games we could attend because of his work schedule, but it turned out that one of the few that did work was between his two favorite teams! Pretty cool, right? I didn’t realize it was on leap day until someone pointed it out, but that’s pretty cool too. He bought me my own jersey last week (Hossa #81!), so I’m excited to wear it to a game for the second week in a row, and hopefully see a win tonight!

What are you doing with your extra day this year?