Interweb Treasure Tuesday {v2}

Interweb-Treasures-Tuesday-v2Here are some of the most interesting places and spaces that I discovered over the past few weeks. Ever since I was little I’ve been completely fascinated with kaleidoscopes. In middle school I decided that I wanted to name my future business “The Kaleidoscope Eye” but it turns out that hundreds of other people had the same idea before me. Oh well. This post explains how kaleidoscopes are made and how they work.

Dubbo I discovered these surrealist paintings by Mihai Criste via My Modern Metropolis and they are AMAZING! Drool-worthy and beautiful and breathing magic into everyday objects and scenery…check them out

Buin What are the odds of you coming into existence? If you’re an info-graphic junkie like me, this just might blow your mind.

My love for info-graphics is boundless…and I hit the design info-graphic nerd jackpot right—-> here

Muppets fan art. Need I say more? I didn’t think so.

0001 Project : Using his computer, photographer and graphic designer Nick Schlax creates a stunningly intricate and beautiful fractal design every day for a year.

Art Student Owl freaking rocks my socks. It’s funny because it’s true!