This Week in Pictures {the chaos that is my life}

posted in: just for fun | 0 my week in photosWhat a crazy week.

where can i buy gabapentin uk Crazy, but very good actually. I know I haven’t posted much since the announcement that I lost my job, but things are going well. Very well actually. It’s like losing my job is going to end up being a blessing in disguise. Not that I didn’t like where I worked, but I wasn’t moving down the career path that I really wanted to be on five years down the road. Now I have this renewed sense of energy about what I want to do with my life, and how I’m going to do it. Plus, the little break and a getting to spend some extra time with my family has been wonderful.

So here’s the recap of my week:

I FINALLY got my iMac fixed! I took it to the Apple store, ready to pay the $400+ to get the LCD screen replaced (which is what they had told me was wrong the last time I took it in) then I got a call two days later that they replaced the LCD and it didn’t fix the problem. I was gearing myself up for the announcement that the repair was going to cost several hundred dollars more, when the message went on to say that it was the video card that was bad, and it ended up costing less than half the price I was originally quoted. SCORE! (and big thanks to the guy at the Apple store who carried the computer out for me so I didn’t have to struggle with carrying it AND pushing a stroller at the same time!)

My boyfriend got me a really great telephoto lens for Christmas, so my daughter and I took a little trip to the forest preserve by our house where there’s a gigantic fenced area with a herd of elk. I played with my camera, and she had the time of her life waving and smiling at them through the fence (they were probably less than ten feet away!)

I went up to my boyfriends shop with him on Monday, and we made a little more progress on my White Rabbit half sleeve. It’s at that gross flaky stage right now, so I’ll have to post a picture in a few days when its properly healed and you can appreciate it’s awesomeness. I sketched out what I wanted to sky to look like (blue swirls à la Van Gogh’s Starry Night), so we have one session for that, then another to color everything in, and then it’s done! (hopefully) I absolutely cannot wait to see the finished result! Best. Tattoo. Ever.

I bought the world’s greatest tea mug at Teavana. One of my coworkers ex-coworkers recommended it to me.  I don’t normally get all gushy about products on here, but I seriously love this thing. The BF and I have made a real effort to eat healthier lately, and as part of the deal I agreed to give up my beloved Diet Coke. Since I hate water (I know it sounds odd but I swear it tastes like chemicals), I’ve been drinking tons and tons of tea instead. This thing is great because you place the loose tea in the strainer, pour boiling water over it for as long as that particular tea takes to brew, then put the top on it. It even has a lid you can screw on to keep it from spilling when you’re on the go. And it stays HOT for a ridiculously, long time. How long? I made tea one afternoon around 2pm, drank about half of it, misplaced the mug in the house, and found it again around 5:30pm. I took a huge drink, and scalded the inside of my mouth because it was still steaming hot! No mater how hot or cold the contents are, the outside is nicely insulated and never freezes or burns your hand. Plus…it was half off!

Speaking of trying to be healthy… I joined a gym! I figured that since I’m temporarily out work there’s really no excuse NOT to go. The BF has been going for a few weeks now trying to rehab a hockey injury, so I decided to tag along and join him. I went for the first time yesterday morning and saw a trainer who asked me a bunch of questions, then ran me through a bunch of basic exercises to see where I was at physically. According to the heart rate monitor he had me wear I’m not quite as out of shape as I feared, which is good. I’m excited to get back in shape and drop the rest of the baby weight I’m still carrying around, and maybe even fit back into a few things, but man oh MAN, am I sore today!!!

And finally…

The BF and I were out and about running errands a few days ago and we came across this awesome hat. He offered to buy it for me and I said I’d think about it (I loved it but we had TONS of other stuff to get that we actually needed) then instantly regretted not getting it as soon as we got back in the car. Well…he picked it up for me yesterday as a little reward for actually getting off my butt, joining the gym, attempting to eat right, etc! He calls it the Cousin Eddie hat (anyone? please tell me someone gets the reference). Clearly, I have the greatest guy ever. And also the greatest hat ever.