Work in Progress {Sunburst Painting}

posted in: fine art, my creations | 0 red orange navy and yellow sunburst painting with art supplies

Ado Odo It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve painted and today I remembered why…nap times are painfully short in this house! I managed to get in about twenty minutes, which was just enough to make me realize how far I really have to go on this particular piece. I started working on this little canvas a few years ago, hated the results, and gessoed over it to start fresh. I got a little work done on it, but then my daughter was born and painting time (along with sleeping, eating, and showering time) became very scarce. It got stuck in the garage when we moved, and I just dug it out this morning.

best place buy modafinil uk I guess at this rate you can stay tuned for its completion sometime around 2015.

detail show of navy red orange red and yellow kaleidoscope like painting