Currently Working On {kaleidoscope art with Micron pens…my favorite!}

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convivially black_white_kaleidoscope_drawing_process2 black_white_micron_kaleidoscope_drawingOhhhh….Micron pens. How I love thee.

Seriously, I wish the makers of Micron pens would sponsor my artistic endeavors and just start sending me a box of microns every few weeks. I sure use enough of them. I have at least two of every size, along with the color ones that I just HAD to buy but never really found a good use for. I’m not sure I NEED every single size….I mean, is there REALLY that big of a difference between a .20mm and a .25mm nib? Wait – who am I kidding, of course there is! To this day, I still get excited when I go over to my parents house on Christmas and receive my stocking chock full of Micron pens and black Prismacolor markers. Does anyone else get super excited over things like that? No? Just me? Oh well….

untimely Anyways, I found a partially started then abandoned drawing in the garage a few weeks ago when I was looking for materials for another project, and then THAT project got put on the back burner so I could revive THIS one. Fickle, I know. When I found the paper I just had the basic skeleton of the shapes sketched out in pencil, so I started going to town with my beloved Micron pens and filling in the details. I’ve probably put three or fours hours of work into it at this point. Don’t you love it when you start a new project and all you want to do is work on it ALL the time? Before I had kids I used to sit and work for ten, twelve hours at a time and get the whole thing finished in a few days. That can’t really happen any more but I’m happy with the progress I’ve made so far.