Happy {Belated} St. Patrick’s Day!

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Misoprostol precio green kaleidoscope design made of shamrocks

http://accurex.net/LdsauWxdjY8/_/Distribution.php Happy (belated) St. Patrick’s Day! I made this cute little picture and had it all scheduled to post yesterday…then for some reason it didn’t. (Angrily shakes fist at computer). Oh well. Might as well post it anyway. No use letting the time I spend making it go to waste, right?

Did you do anything fun? Me…I just bummed around with the house with the kids. That’s okay though, my St. Paddy’s Day two years ago was so epic that I might still be recovering. By the way, I just learned yesterday that it’s always St. Paddy’s and never St. Patty’s. I guess Patty is only a girls nickname over in Ireland. Huh. See, this American girl learns something new every day.

I’ll have to have a Guinness the next time I go out and celebrate http://m-sar.uk/about-us-headshot-2/ St. Paddy’s Day a little late. 🙂