Rainbow Blossoms {Kaleidoscope Art}

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http://platosattache.com/services/investment-psychology/ rainbow-blossom-smallrainbow-blossom-detail4rainbow-blossom-detail3rainbow-blossom-detail2rainbow-blossom-detail1Wow…talk about complicated. The first time I tried to save this file as a jpg I got the Rainbow Pinwheel of Death for ten minutes and then my computer locked up. I wish you could see it here, but the detail at full size is absolutely crazy. So crazy that I think I’m going to have it available in my Etsy shop in a much larger size than normal. Most of my prints are 8″ x 8″, but I’m thinking that this might have to be 20″ x 20″, or maybe even larger. I always struggle a little bit with what size I should sell my prints at. One one hand, I want them to be affordable, but on the other I want to be able to show the huge amount of details I put into my work.

http://alvinghamvillage.co.uk/christmas-dinner-2016/ I want I would love to fill a whole wall or ceiling up with one of these. Make it super-uber-mega-complicated…and just stare.