Kaleidoscope Artwork Takes Forever {finished piece}

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maladroitly kaleidoscope-eye-no-8-webscribble-closeupscribble-close-up2medium-kaleidoscope-drawing-close-upAfter what feels like forever and a day, I finally finished my latest picture! To this day, it still amazes me how much harder it is to do artwork with two kids running around the house. When I got laid off from my job I had these grandiose plans of how much I was going to get done on my time off. Reorganize the closets! Go through the kid’s rooms and donate old clothes to Goodwill! Plant flowers out front! Artwork! Baking!

I kind of underestimated how much a demanding toddler, errands, laundry, yard work, and of course job hunting will take out of you. When I remember all these things, it makes sense why this picture took me over a month to complete. Oh well. Working on art is kind of like my reward for getting everything else done. Some people kick back and watch tv. I kick back, turn on some music or a tv show I can just listen to, and draw.

Remember how in this post I was complaining how a certain someone hijacked my micron pens and scribbled all over my drawing? You can see the damage in the next two photos. Fortunately, if you take a big step back you don’t really notice. Well, the average person won’t notice. My eyes go straight to it every time, but I’m trying to not be crazy-obsessive about that.

I’ve been trying lately to do a better job of documenting the process of making art. This time, I actually did a pretty good job remembering to take photos along the way. If you’re interested, you can see the progression of this picture here, here, here.