Saturday Morning Sketchbook Flashback {v2}

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black micron pen abstract drawingYou’re going to have to forgive me that it’s actually morning and not afternoon. I had to mow the lawn this morning. The dandelions are slowly encroaching on my yard and are preparing to consume us all. Or something like that. But seriously…yard work sucks, doesn’t it? But I digress…

I went through about a two year period where almost everything I drew was abstract designs in black micron pen. I was obsessed. I got this really nice hardcover leather sketchbook for Christmas one year, and almost a quarter of it is filled with black geometric designs and really intricate patterns. I remember one occasion when I brought it in from a car to show someone at a party (yeah, I know how dorky this sounds but my boyfriend of the time totally put me on the spot. “Hey…you should see Megan’s drawings! Go get your sketchbook out of the car!”) and someone asked me to draw something for them. Something that was (gasp!) IN COLOR and (bigger gasp!) NOT ABSTRACT! I felt like I’d tainted my book. Silly, I know.

Anyway, I went to Colorado to visit one of my favorite friends, and decided to take my sketchbook along to entertain myself on the plane. In fact, it was the only form of entertainment I had, since I didn’t have the foresight to charge my ipod and the battery died about ten minutes after we got the go ahead to turn on electronic. The flight ended up being incredibly bumpy, but after going through the in-flight magazines more times than I could stomach (it’s times like this I curse being a fast reader) I decided that I’d rather have a jagged-y lined sketch than read Sky Mall again.

So…here you go. My lovely turbulence drawing. Started seconds after the announcement that we were flying over the Black Hills of South Dakota….

black abstract micon pen drawing

black abstract micron pen drawing detail

black abstract micron pen drawing