Get Your Geek On {I won’t tell}

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I had a nice little drive this morning for kind of a stupid reason. My daughter had to be at school early today, and me being me, I hit the snooze button a few too many times. Although we managed to get her there on time, I left the house in pajama pants, with unbrushed hair and raccoon eyes from forgetting to wash off my mascara before I went to bed. Also, we couldn’t find the baby’s shoes, so we left without them. I thought, screw it, I’m going to be home in five minutes anyway.

Except that the weather was sunny, breezy, deliciously warm, and I started thinking that iced coffee sounded pretty fantastic. Rather than drive home, make myself look human, then head to the Starbuck’s five minutes away, I drove fifteen minutes out of my way to one with a drive thru. I mean, even if I got myself looking presentable, I still had the baby with me. For all the squirming and squiggling she puts up getting in and out of her car seat, going the drive thru route was probably actually a time saver. Mom logic. Gotta love it.

Anywhooooooo……I was listening to the radio (because as usual, I forgot to charge my iPod) and they started talking about how today is Geek Pride Day. I was unaware that this existed, but if you click the link it takes you to Wikipedia which will assure you that it is indeed a real thing. Anyway, they were talking about how the things that will categorize people as dorky when they’re younger (i.e. high school and everything before) are actually the same things that create some really awesome and interesting adults. Think about some of the most interesting people you know. I bet they’re pretty passionately geeky about a thing or two. After all, what’s geekiness but raw unbridled excitement about something, without regard to how “cool” other people think it is? There are all kinds of geeks; art geeks, tech geeks, music geeks, photography geeks, movie geeks, book geeks…they all have ridiculous amounts of enthusiasm about their topic of choice. And isn’t that awesome? I think it is. I love that we get older and stop caring about what people think of us, and instead care about the things that excite us. And if it’s not the coolest thing on the planet…oh well. If someone can volley Futurama quotes back and forth with me and sing the entire Monorail song from The Simpsons, or launch into an excited ten minute explaination when I ask a simple computer question…they’re all right in my book.

Get your geek on, my friends.

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