There’s Nothing Quite Like Making Something {creativity is awesome}

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Corralillo TouchI was working on a drawing the other day (because that’s what I do when I get an extra five minutes to fill here and there), and I started thinking about how immensely satisfying it feels to create things. If I lived in a perfect fantasy life, I would spend my days with my family, cooking, painting, doing craft projects with the kids…I don’t think it ever gets old. It’s one of the most gratifying parts of life, and I think most of us have a basic need to create things on some level. When I stopped and reflected on all of my favorite hobbies: painting, drawing, photography, cooking, and jewelry making, I realized that each one of them involved creating something. Capturing something. Assembling something.

Campana In my last job, my favorite assignments were when I was doing design work. Whether it was designing PowerPoint templates, coming up with creative packaging when we sent clients gifts, or designing signage or name badges, I always felt a sense of accomplishment and pride when I was finished. Creating is concrete. You feel it, you touch it, you see your results. You have something physical and concrete to show for your efforts. It’s rewarding.

I stopped and thought about jobs I had previous to my last one. Even when I worked retail, I found satisfaction in merchandising the shore and putting together great wall displays and windows. In fact, my store once won a prize for the most creative window display in a nation-wide company contest. I always got very high marks on my store reviews for the way my displays were created and organized. Why did I do so well at this? Because I enjoyed it. The jobs where I was the most miserable were the ones where I had no creative outlet.

My love of watching people make things even extends to my tv watching habits. I can very easily be sucked into any sort of show where people are building things or working with their hands. Cooking shows, home decorating shows, special effects make-up shows, fashion design contents, even woodworking shows. It doesn’t matter. If you’re turning raw materials into something cool, I’m hooked. I’ve been this way since I was a little kid who loved watching Bob Ross paint and the Frugal Gourmet cook. I guess it’s just in my blood.

purchase cenforce online Do you love creating things? What do you do? Tell me your story.