Whooooo Loves Owls? {new digital painting}

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buy generic neurontin online owl-digital-painting-smallowl-digital-progressionOur family has this thing for owls. My BF has an owl tattoo. My youngest daughter has really cute owl decals on the wall of her bedroom and multiple stuffed owls. We hang our keys on owl hooks. I own an owl t-shirt, owl earrings, and two owl necklaces. We just love them. I actually got pretty excited when this whole owl trend started, because it’s made cool owl stuff super easy to find. I’m not going to pretend that I’m suddenly too cool for owls because they’ve gotten popular. Whatever. I’m not that interested in being cool these days.

Sucy-en-Brie This painting was inspired by….(are you ready?)…Game of Thrones! No, really! How, you ask? Well, I got a little obsessed with the show last season. My BF had already watched season one, and got me to watch the second episode of season 2. Jumping in right there had me utterly confused, so then I had to backtrack and watch the first episode of season 2. That was enough to get me hooked, and I proceeded to plow through the entire first season showing on On Demand within a week. Seriously, it was like all I did was sleep, eat, job hunt, and watch Game on Thrones. Can I say that Tyrion Lannister is my absolute favorite? Seriously, he’s The Man. When he bitch slapped Geoffery? Yeah, that was beyond awesome.


Anyways, I liked the show on Facebook, and one day last week they posted an album of fan art. There were some amazingly beautiful, realistic and gorgeously detailed digital paintings in it, and I found myself remembering that I too own a Wacom Bamboo digital tablet, and that I should really use it. I used to mess with it all the time, but after catching my daughter with the digital pen in her mouth too many times, and several pursuits where I had to chase after her and it almost snapped in half, I put it away on the bookshelf out of her reach. Which is too bad, because painting in Photoshop is fun, but painting in Photoshop with a tablet is amazing.

Besides, digital painting means no supplies and mess to clean up, which is priceless when you have a toddler tearing around your house. 🙂