Autumn Love {and new art}

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sunny-autumn-dayIt’s really only been over the last few years that I’ve developed a deep love for autumn.

can you order prednisone online In the past, I always viewed it as nothing more than a gateway to winter, a precursor to numb fingers, frosty breath, and begging my car to start in ten below temperatures. But as I’ve gotten older, and began to really appreciate the rhythm of the seasons, I’ve begun to love autumn in its own right. I even love the word “autumn.” There’s something so satisfying about the way it rolls off your tongue.

Leiden I’m still a bit more infatuated with September (there’s no other month that has such magical sunlight) but this year October is close at its heels. Once a week I have to get up pretty early before work because of my babysitting situation, and this week I couldn’t help notice how breathtaking autumn sunrise it. You truly have every single color popping across your field of vision. The sun creeping up in a pink, purple and baby blue sky, gold and green grass, rust, maroon, orange and red bursts of color on the trees…it truly made me sad that I had to go to work and not spend the day running around the forest preserve with a camera.

But you know what? I kind of did. I realized that there’s a forest preserve just a few miles away from my job, and I have a camera phone. I went on a nice little photography adventure on my lunch break, driving through the trails and snapping photos along the way. If you follow me on Instagram, you can see some of them there. It was a nice little nature retreat in the middle of a busy work day.

There’s so much to be excited about this fall. I’m excited about pumpkin spice lattes, knee-high boots, rainbow trees, Halloween, homemade pot pies, a parade of family and friend’s birthdays, concerts, hockey games, photo shoots in the forest, s’mores around the fire pit, taking on new design projects, and lasagna.

So autumn, even though I’m a bit late to the game, welcome.

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