Infographic Nerd {how social media destroys productivity}

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Social Media At Work
Created by: I received an email from the creators of this great infographic asking if I’d be willing to share it…and we all know what a sucker I am for a good infographic (seriously, I have an entire Pinterest board is full of them).

In a way, I completely agree with it. I’m as guilty as anyone of killing time ooohing and aaahing over pictures of friends’ cute babies on Facebook when I should be doing something more productive (like, I dunno…cleaning up the canned food my toddler likes to take out of the cabinet and stash all over the house). I’ve definitely spent more than my fair share of time on Pinterest (see comment in above paragraph) and I’ve developed a bit on an Instagram addiction.


As someone trying to promote my artwork/blog/Etsy shop, social media can also be pretty invaluable. It’s helped me reach people I wouldn’t otherwise have any contact with. I’ve connected with other bloggers, gained freelance design projects, found great inspiration through images on Pinterest, gained fans of my art, sold prints, and discovered some amazing artists through links on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. Social media has helped me do things that would never have otherwise happened.

wholesale Aurogra What do you think? Does social media drain your productivity? Or do you need it to run your business? I’d love to hear your thoughts!