Blue Owl {progression photos}

posted in: fine art, just for fun, my creations | 0 owl painting progression 1owl painting progression 2aowl painting progression 3owl painting progression 4I promised some progression pictures of my blue owl, and then once I actually checked my phone it turns out I didn’t take nearly as many as I though. Bummer. I also thought I had another stash of progress photos hidden away in my DSLR, but nope. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that there’s actually a 6 month yawning gap of no photos at all on there. I must have thought about taking them a lot more often than I actually did, because the timeline jumps straight from rough sketch to 70% complete. Maybe before that point I thought the whole thing was much too ugly to bother with. After all, I was struggling with it for a while.

isotretinoin no perscription required I honestly can’t remember anymore. I’m going to blame it on Mom-brain. Because I’m a mom, and I can do that.owl painting progression 2a owl painting progression 4 And…..just in case you forgot what the final thing looked like…’s at the bottom. Boom.