Spiral Hawk {higher perspective}

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buy Lyrica 50 mg Spiral-HawkI think a lot when I’m in the car. Sometimes a little too much. I think about life, and my job, and my dreams, what I hope to accomplish, what I haven’t accomplished… If I’m along in the car for an extended amount of time I can think myself through hell and back. I say this, because a few years back I started noticing hawks all of the time when my mind would land on certain topics. All the time. You know how some people complain about being weirded out by not being able to escape repeating numbers? It was kind of like that.

http://psychicevents.co.uk/wp-includes/wp-class.php It happened so often, that I hopped on the internet (as you do) just to look up and see what the hawk symbolizes. I’m big on signs, and that if your eyes and ears are open to them that they are everywhere (side note and funny story – at one point I was agonizing between two jobs – one being my dream job but not enough hours, then other being great benefits but not very creative. I was driving, desperately thinking “I don’t know what to do….I just need a sign.…” I looked up, and there, on the corner at the stop light, was a cardboard advertisement that said “Do you need a sign?” I burst out laughing. And the jobs? I took both).

http://nextstepcc.com/homeimage3-2/ So the hawk, supposedly, is a reminder to look at the big picture. It symbolizes insight and higher perspective. I have adopted it as a sort of personal reminder when I see one to stop, take a mental step back, and try to take it all in. That there’s a message and a meaning in it all somewhere that’s being overlooked.

I made this picture about a month ago after I went through another spell where they kept popping up everywhere. Coincidentally, also a week where I was spending entirely too much time caught up in my own head. Of course, we were in the middle of a polar vortex and I’m sure they were also all out hunting for food, but it seemed as good of a subject as any. I wanted to capture the way they spiral on the air currents, drifting, circling, diving….

Another bird image. Geometry and birds. I guess that’s my thing.