Rainbow Geometry {don’t go cross eyed}


http://vantagehsi.com/home-health-care-set-an-appointment/home-health-care-our-location rainbow-geometry-smallrainbow-geometry-detail3rainbow-geometry-detail2rainbow-geometry-detail1I keep staring at this and thinking that it looks like something made with a Spirograph. Remember those things? I loved mine. My daughter got one a few years ago, and although she like to mess around with it, she wasn’t nearly as obsessed with hers and I was with mine. I dunno, maybe I was just a weird kid. Maybe she’ll grow up one day and have a daughter who’s only moderately impressed by Hello Kitty and she’ll think her daughter is crazy. Who knows.

Velbert It’s been quite a while since I did a really cool piece of digital art. To tell the truth, I didn’t even create this one from scratch. I took an existing half-worked file and messed around with it until something pretty happened. Lately, when I have a minute of free time, I’ve been all about either reading, or painting. It’s all post-its stuck between book pages or acrylics under my fingernails. I tend to go through phases, and I guess the digital art must be at another spot in the rotation right now.

I think that this would made a really pretty large format print or tapestry, something two or three feet across. I would love to have large things like that available in my Etsy shop, but it doesn’t make sense to have something so large just sitting around unless someone wants to buy it. If you ever see something in the shop that you want in a a larger size let me know, and I can send you some prices. I’m always happy to working something out with customer orders. In fact, I kind of love it.