New Artwork {Space Mandala}

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instinctually space-mandala-small

Sosnovaya Polyana space-mandala-detail4space-mandala-detail3I’m a person who goes through phases. I find something that works, I hit my groove, and I settle myself into a nice comfortable rut. At once point in high school I went through a two bowls of cereal for dinner every night phase. Right now I’m in an iced coffee phase (venti with 2% milk and 3 pumps of sweetener, thanks), a gin and tonic with a splash of lime at the end of the night phase, a same pair of black sandals every day phase, a Mexican food for dinner way more often than I probably should phase, and a digital artwork phase. It’s kind of my thing that I do.

Getting stuck in a rut with artwork isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When you make variations of the same thing over and over, it forces you to experiment. What if I try this effect? What if I change the shape? What if I chance the opacity? What if I blend these colors? It’s kind of fun to just keep rearranging the elements until an idea until you’ve completely exhausted all of the possibilities, and then move on. It’s a great way to learn new things.

space-mandala-detail2Why “Space Mandala?” I guess it reminds me of outer space. I showed it to my boyfriend, who took a look and said “that’s cool, it looks all Dead Space.” That led me on a Google search of Dead Space (it’s a video game) to see what the connection was, because although I know he had the game at one point I never really paid much attention to it, because I think watching another person play video games is the most boring thing ever. If he’s playing games, I’m usually painting or making something on the computer. It works out very well actually. Anyway, all I could figure out from my Google search is that the color palette is the same, but I’m going to choose to take it as a compliment. 🙂