New Artwork {Sound Mandala}

buy generic antabuse design-copyHave you ever seen that video on You Tube where they place sand on a surface and then use different pitches of sound to manipulate it into different geometric patterns? It’s incredibly cool. If you haven’t seen it, you can find the video here.

buy dapoxetine canada For some reason this piece made me think of that video, even though when I went back and watched it again the patterns really aren’t the same at all. Also….this color palette! A little bit outside of my usual arsenal of blues, teals and  purples but WHOAH! I’m really digging it. This combination has an energy to it that I really, really love.

synecdochically design-detail1 design-detail2I’ve been feeling incredibly inspired lately. I’ve joined a ton of different art groups on Facebook, and I’ve also been posting to my own art page a lot more often. Between getting some great positive feedback on my own work, and seeing the incredible things that other people are creating, I’ve been riding a great creative high over the last week. I’ve never been very good at self-promotion, but when you put your self out there and get a positive response…it’s a great feeling. There’s joy in creating, there’s joy in sharing something that you’ve made with love, and there’s an even greater joy in forming a connection with someone through it. Not to sound cheesy and sappy and lame, but there’s an indescribable happiness in that.