So much Gratitude {after a mini heart attack}

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August-17-Mandala-smallThank God/The Universe /Whatever else you might call The Powers That Be for friends.

Algete Seriously.

You might have noticed that the site has been down for the last four or five days . I’ve had this space since roughly 2011.  During that time it’s gone through multiple revisions, changes, fixes, facelifts, etc, but it’s always been my place to post my work, dump my thoughts, share and connect. I’m met some really cool people and had the opportunity to do some great commission projects because of this site. It’s a space that’s very dear to me.

So imagine my panic when I opened my email the other day to find an email from my web host saying that they suspended my site “for possible hacked content.” Did it tell me any specifics? No. Did I have any clue about what I needed to do to fix it? Not really.

So I did what anyone would do. Put out a plea for advice on Facebook (Come on, you know you’ve done it).

And guess what? One of my awesome friends from High School deals with internet security for a living. And not only did he offer advice, how to order accutane he fixed the entire thing for me.


Speaking of gratitude, what a crazy week. I created the image at the top of this post (as I do) posted it to my Facebook art page (as I do) and then shared the image with a bunch of different Facebook art groups (when I’ve only started doing over the last few months).

Well, the thing went crazy. It was shared more time than ANYTHING I’ve EVER posted, likes all over the place, and because of it, I increased the number of likes on my art page by 33%! Yes, my little page is still pretty small as far as Facebook pages go, but I was thrilled. And the funny thing is, here I am talking about gratitude, and I fell like that image illustrates the emotion pretty well.

Celebrate the little things, right?