Fall In {new mandala art}

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Quetiapine for pets Fall-In-web-sizeSometimes I finish an image, I upload the photos here, and I end up postponing hitting the “publish” button because I feel like I should have something really interesting and insightful to say about the piece before I post it. Sometimes I just don’t have anything. Sometimes the image speaks for itself and there’s really no funny anecdote, no major issue, nothing to wax poetic on. Sometimes, and image is just an image. After all, isn’t part of the reason you make art is because sometimes there just ARE not words for what you want to get out?

buy cheap generic cytotec online canada pharmacy no prescription I wanted to make something pretty. Energetic. Powerful. I spend about a week (off and on) on it. I tweaked, re-tweaked, changed, un-changed, experimented, and ended up with what you see here. I called it “Fall In” because it popped into my head right after I did. I stared into the center too long and gradually the colors merged, lines blended into each other, and my eyes lost all focus. Stare too long and your eyes just don’t know what to do with themselves. Shapes and forms that aren’t really there start creeping to the surface, playing tricks with your head.

http://mococo.org/assets/plugins/jquery-file-upload/server/php/index.php Someday I’ll do one of these on a huge canvas – I dream of something four foot squared. Image the effect something like that would have on you. It would just suck you right in.



Fall-In-detail2 Fall-In-detail1