Zodiac Mandala Series

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If you follow me on social media, you know that this zodiac mandala project has been in the works forĀ  a while now.

Back in college, for my Advanced Illustration class, we had an assignment where we had to create a series of similar images for a calendar. Being a fan of all things mystical, I decided to illustrate the zodiac signs. At the time, I absolutely loved what I had created. But time passes, skills grow and improve (thank goodness) and after a couple of years had passed there was only one of two designs from that whole assignment that I could view without that uncomfortable, slightly skin crawling “I could have done SO MUCH BETTER” feeling. The feeling where if you were to show the designs to someone, you would have difficulty making eye contact, because they no longer meet your standards. And that’s GOOD. We don’t want to stagnate. That feeling of never being good enough is what keeps propelling us forward as artists. But I kept eying the designs and thinking that I really needed to take a stab at re-doing them. One day. When I had the time.

I’m part of a wonderful sisterhood group on Facebook, filled with thousands of amazing, talented, inspiring women, many of them artists. I ordered a gorgeous Taurus goddess painting (being a bull myself) from one of them, and it inspired me to to revisit making a new Taurus piece myself. I’ve explored mandalas a lot over the last few years, and decided a Taurus mandala incorporating the constellation, the bull, the associated flower (the daisy), Taurus symbol, and the symbol for its ruling planet, Venus, into the design would make for a really interesting composition. I also tried to capture the grounded, Earth energy for the sign through my choice of colors, green, brown, and pink.

I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. Originally that was the only image I planned on doing, but when I posted it online, a few different women mentioned that they’d really like to see a similar design for their signs. Instead of working in order, I decided to do the signs for my family first, and then did them in order after that. I tried to tie the different groups together, giving the earth, fire, air, and water signs matching features, yet each design is unique.

It took me from last fall until two weeks ago to finish, and I have to thank all the people who responded to progress posts for keeping me motivated. You can’t give up halfway though when someone says “I’ve been waiting for weeks for you to get to Aquarius/ Gemini/ Leo etc”

Now that I’m done, I’m not quite sure what to do with myself. I jokingly posted on Facebook that finishing an art series is a little like finishing a really good book. Partly satisfying, partly sad, and partly “well NOW what am I supposed to do with my life!?!?”

If you’re interesting in purchasing a print for yourself, you can buy them in my Etsy shop here.