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Interweb Treasures Tuesday {v12}

Interweb treasures TuesdayInterweb Treasures Tuesday is a weekly(ish) feature where I dig up my favorite links on art, design, photography, and anything else quirky or funny that catches my eye. Here’s the best of what’s been inspiring me lately.

Redbubble posted 10 Free Fonts to use in your art and design projects (should I worry about the fact I might have a font addiction?)

Pikaland introduces us to Fish Indie, a new service for advertising your Etsy shop.

Some advice on controlling the depth of field in your pictures.

We’ve recently become obsessed with Breaking Bad in our house. (Seriously, how didn’t I know how awesome this show was years ago? We’ve plowed through all four seasons in the last few weeks) The Oatmeal created this hilarious piece correlating hair length and violence on the show.

Do you exhibit any of the 12 Most Striking Tendencies of Creative People?

On a completely unrelated note, I keep finding myself bookmarking and pinning peach recipes. Like this one, this one, and this one.



Color Obsessed {five sites to check out}

a little obsessed with color

I LOVE color. My favorite part of starting any new art project is going through the box of paint, or colored pencils, or whatever I’m using, and deciding on the color palette. I can play around with different color combinations for hours. It’s amazing to me how one or two small changes in color can completely change the entire mood of a project. Sometimes though, I find myself gravitating to the same five or six colors over and over, and realize that I need a bit of inspiration.

Here are  five of my favorite color-related sites.

Design Seeds

I subscribe to this blog via Google reader, and I can’t even tell you how many palettes I’ve bookmarked for inspiration. Each post takes an interesting stock photo, and pulls a combination of five colors. There are new posts multiple times each day, so there’s always something fresh to look at. You can search the palettes by theme, such as Autumn, Vintage, the Sea, etc, or you can look for palettes containing a particular RGB color value.

sample color palette from design seeds blog

Colour Lovers

Colour Lovers in a site where people can create and upload their own color palettes, read articles, and explore color trends in everything from fashion to web design to home decor. The site has all kinds of fun premium tools that are free to try, such as Seamless Studio, which is a tool for creating intricate vector patterns. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, information, or just want to play around, it’s a site you can find yourself spending hours on.


Ok…I’ll admit my dorkiness right away and let you know that for the longest time I thought this was pronounced “cooler.” Way to totally miss the connection, right? Anyway, I have a love for many things made by Adobe (Illustrator + Photoshop = LOVE) and this site is no exception. You will need Adobe Flash Player version 10.0.12 or higher, but that’s a quick download.

The site contains links to some interesting articles on color theory, but the main attraction is the color mixing tool. You can upload an image and have Kuler generate a palette from that (you can ever decide the mood you’re looking for, like bright or muted) or you can generate your own. If you’ve created a Kuler account, you can even upload your theme or export the file to work with later. Best part of all, as you play with your colors, it gives you the HEX, CMYK, RGB, and HSV values for recreating them later. If you’re still stuck, you can browse through thousands of color schemes other people have created and find inspiration there.

Adobe Kuler screen shot

Colors on the Web

Although I encountered quite a few dead links on my last visit, you can still find a lot of helpful tools here. You can find HTML color codes, a visual representation of dozens of different color names (not sure if you and your client are on the same page when you’re talking about “periwinkle?” Show them this), a color scheme generator, and some interesting articles about color theory.

DeGraeve Color Palette Generator

This is a great tool for when you want to quickly create a color palette from a specific image. All you do is enter the URL of the photo you want to use, and the site creates both a dull and vibrant color palette based on that photo. Check out the one it created when I entered the header image of this site (nevermind that the image is smushed – it does that).

DeGraeve Color Palette Generator Screen ShotSo there you have it! My favorite color related spots on the web. If you know of any other great sites, feel free to drop me a line in the comments area below!

beer can with headphones attached

beer before liquor, never been sicker….

screen shot of Drinkify home page I have a new favorite thing ever.

Well, maybe not ever, because it’s competing with things like nachos and Chuck Taylors and The Usual Suspects and whatnot, but it’s still pretty cool.

As you might or might not know, I have this huge obsession with StumbleUpon. Seriously, if I don’t watch myself I’ll lose hours of my life to it. I’ve been feeling rather bored and uninspired and generally gross for the last couple days (I’m placing full blame on the weather. One of our favorite pastimes in Chicago is bitching about the weather, and we’ve reached that time of year when it’s starting to get COLD, and you pretty much know you’re going to be miserable and freezing for at least the next five months) so to try and brighten my surly mood a little I decided to play on StumbleUpon for a while and maybe discover a new artist or desert recipe or weird picture of outer space or mansion made entirely of Legos. Whatever, really. And Drinkify kept popping up. Then I’m checking out Glass and Sable today, and see another post about it. Too funny.

Basically, it’s the most brilliantly simple concept ever. What drink best goes with the music you’re listening to?

Just for fun, I’ll share my boozy suggestions with you using the most recently played artists from my ipod. Also, my go-to drink is rum and coke, which fails to appear anywhere on the list. It kinds of cracks me up.

beer can with headphones attachedThe Lawrence Arms / PBR
The Falcon / 1 bottle fortified wine
The Doors / LSD
Tiger Army / Maker’s Mark Bourbon / 2 oz. Worcestershire sauce
Operation Ivy/ 10 oz sloe gin
Alkaline Trio / 10 oz Southern Comfort
The Pixies/ PBR
Janes Addiction / PBR
The Tossers / 8 oz. Woodford Reserve Bourbon / 8 oz. Red Bull
Deftones / PBR
The Riverboat Gamblers / PBR
Social Distortion / 1 oz. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey / 1 oz. lemon sour /1 oz. Pineapple juice

According to this site Pabst Blue Ribbon should be sponsoring my ipod.  Apparently I should be drinking it right now. For breakfast. My boyfriend used to know a place where you could get a breakfast special of a PBR, tater tots and a corn-dog for $2.00 or something. Hmmm……

Also, I’d like to argue that if you’re listening to the Tossers you should be drinking Guinness.

That is all.

Great scott! {who’s up for some time travel?}

Have you ever heard of the Wayback Machine? Someone told me about it in school, but I never actually bothered to check it out. I played with it the other day and it’s very cool, like a little time capsule of the web. Here’s an explanation, in their own words:

The Wayback Machine is an historical archive of preserved web pages.  Type in a URL and start surfing through time!

Most societies agree that it is important to preserve artifacts of their culture and heritage. Without such artifacts, civilization has no memory and no mechanism to learn from its successes and failures. Our culture now produces more and more artifacts in digital form. Internet Archive’s mission is to help preserve those artifacts and create an Internet library for researchers, historians, and scholars. The Archive collaborates with institutions including the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian.

The archive of pages goes back to 1996.  The original Wayback Machine interface was released in 2001 with about 10 billion pages.

The gist of this, is that you can type in the url for a website, and see what it looked like years ago. I thought it might be fun to show you my first version of this site that I built in school. According to the site, my page has only been archived once, in January of 2011, but the version it shows was built in May 2010. If you take a look at the screenshot, you’ll see a bar at the top with a timeline. If your site was archived more than once, you can go back and click along different points of the bar to see what all of the old versions looked like.

I forgot how much I liked the original design of the site. The main reason I abandoned it was that it was built in Flash, and I’ve heard horrible things about how Flash isn’t searchable by search engines, or viewable on mobile devices. In class as we were learning Flash, our teacher was telling us how it was a horrible buggy program, and that Steve Jobs said it would never be viewable on iphones of ipads. Why were they having us build a portfolio site in Flash then? For the “experience.” Huh. Yeah, the “experience” of only sleeping four hours in the span of two days.

Maybe someday when my web building skills are up for the challenge I’ll try to incorporate some of this look back into my current site. I especially like the setup of the homepage. Anyways, I thought it would be fun to share.

as if i needed more distractions….

pinterest logo

my newest obsession...

I love the internet. Seriously, I do. There are so many time-sucks out there, but I justify it by telling myself that they’re inspirational time-sucks. All this web-surfing is showing me new ideas, making me more creative, blah blah blah…..

I already lose hours upon hours of my life to StumbleUpon. Well, between my stumbles and surfing other blogs, I kept coming across this site called Pinterest. Then I saw a couple mentions of it on Facebook. And me being me, and always looking for things that are interesting, I decided to scope it out.

You actually have to request an invite, then wait to be approved. Not sure why this is. It’s a fairly new site, so maybe they’re trying to keep it from growing faster than they can keep up with? I saw someone on another blog mention that it took a few days for her to get her confirmation email, but I got mine within a few hours. Here’s how Pinterest describes itself:

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes. Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.

Basically, it’s a visual pinboard, or a collection of your favorite images from all over the web, all linking back to their original sources. Pretty cool, and it sure beats having a mile long list in your bookmarks folder, or having a thousand images saved in a folder in your desktop with absolutely no idea where you found them. If you don’t want to take my word for it, Time Magazine included it on it’s list of The 50 Best Website of 2011.

Here's a sample some of my boards

If you connect through Facebook, Pinterest automatically finds all of your Facebook friends on Pinterest, and asks if you want to follow them. You can browse through your friends pins, or ALL recent pins. You can browse by tag (wedding dresses, chocolate chip cookies, etc), or by general topic (design, recipes, fashion, etc). You can be as general or as specific as you choose.

Let’s say you’re looking for recipes, and find one you like. You look at that person’s recipes board, and see tons of other recipes you like. Then you see that they have a fashion folder, and you look at that. You like everything in there too. You might decide that you have very similar tastes, and decide to follow that person, so that everything they pin shows up in your feed. Or, you can be a little more selective and decide to follow only some of their boards. Because just because you like to eat the same things doesn’t necessarily mean you have the same taste in home decor. I’ve started following a couple random people, and I have some random people following me. I’ve discovered some pretty cool stuff through them.

It’s VERY easy to pin things. If you’re on Firefox (which you should be) it’s as easy as dragging the “pin it” button to your bookmark toolbar. Then, if you’re surfing the web as something catches your interest, you just click on the “pin it” button. A list of all that pages images will pop up, and you simply click on the one you want to pin, and choose what category Pinboard you want it to go in. Couldn’t be simpler.

Let's say you really liked the header on this site, and you wanted to pin it. Super easy.

There are all kinds of ways you might use the site. I tend to be a bit of an image collector anyways, and I love just scrolling though picture that give me inspiration. I collect color pallets, design work, DIY projects, photography, illustrations, typography, and all sorts of other goodies. Before I discovered Pinterest I was using Evernote to keep track of my inspiration images, but this is even better. Evernote is great for keeping track of lists, articles and other written things, but Pinterest is great because it shows you ALL of your images together on one screen. For me, being able to take it all in at once is very satisfying.

Interestingly enough, I just checked their blog, and they’re releasing an update to their mobile site today. This is awesome, because I do a ton of web surfing on my phone. This *might* be why my battery in constantly dying….

So…there you go. Just another thing I love that I wanted to share. Happy Pinning!